Innovative ways to fund conservation projects

Most projects don't get the funding they deserve

Better communication

Leverage the power of the members of the alliance.

Suggest worthy projects

Individuals or organizations can suggest projects for the community

Community Listening Sessions

Projects get feedback and backing from the community through innovative platforms.

Community Driven Funding

Through innovative approaches like NFTs, DAOs, blockchain, and smart contracts.



The Green Earth Alliance is itself a project.  We will empower our members to create a community dedicated to help other projects and nonprofits achieve their goals. 

Our future direction will be determined by the community itself through our Discord channel.

Friends of the Alliance

We aim to implement tangible measures to conserve wetlands, lakes, rivers and other aquatic habitats. Our vision is one where human and environmental development occurs sustainably and simultaneously.
We will give critical attention, escalate support, accelerate and intensify the action that is urgently required to stem the tide of extinction and recover endangered species populations throughout the Earth’s freshwaters.
River Explorer and multimedia artist who works with scientific organizations to preserve aquatic ecosystems.. "You cannot preserve something that you don't know exists."
Implementing urgent actions to repair our deteriorated relationship with the most precious liquid element on the Earth, and to operate within the frame of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our planet is our most important resource


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